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You are peacefully sitting on your plot, and you ask yourself, what could I do today? The easiest thing would be to go and find Carlos and ask him, but if you’re not here yet and you’re planning your trip, here are five best things to do in Ecocamping Rural Valle de La Fueva (And they’re free!)

Five best free things to do in Ecocamping Rural Valle de La Fueva

best things to do in ecocamping

A bike ride through the valley of La Fueva:
Thirteen kilometres to discover each of the small villages in the central part of the valley: From Alueza, you will go to Humo de Rañin, Rañin, Solipueyo, Buetas and Tierrantona. In this last village, the capital of the valley, you can take a detour and visit Aluján. Although you might be able to do it when you do number two.

    2. Muro de Roda
    At the top of the mountain. we find the medieval fortress of Muro de Roda, an incredible view!. The Mediano lake, the valley of La Fueva, the Turbón Mountain and a beautiful panoramic view of the Pyrenees. Eleven kilometres to go (and eleven to return). You can do by electric bicycle, by car or on foot (but do it soon or it will be hot!).


    3. A little hikking along the Usía River
    Descend the gravel road that goes down from the campsite to the river. Start hiking along its course (it does not always carry water). You will find a curious wall eroded by the water, a holm oak that grows over the river and an old aqueduct. When you find the gravel road that crosses the river, go up on the right until you reach Humo de Rañin, and return to Ecocamping Rural along the road.
    Do you want to walk a little more? Instead of taking the track, follow the path along the river, you will find a monolith dedicated to King Gonzalo, of Sobrarbe and Ribagorza, who was assassinated. A little more? a waterfall, which may not have water… but if it does, you will be able to refresh yourself!

    And also in the water!

    best five things to in ecocamping

    4. The Entremón Canyon
    Between the lake of El Grado and Mediano, there is a small strait between mountains through which the river Cinca flows. You can do it on foot (hiking), by kayak or paddle surfing, do you fancy it? You will have to take the car and drive 15 kilometres. For the water activities you will have to book. We recommend the guys from Agualate – great fun!

    rafting best to do in la fueva

    5. A cool evening in the poplar grove of Campo
    Too hot? Our trees are still small, but 20 minutes away from Ecocamping Rural you will find the poplar grove of Campo, with a refreshing bathing area, where you can also practice Rafting on the river Ésera. You will have to contract it with one of the many companies that work there, but that afternoon in the shade and the bath in the river will be free!

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